Your first time at a Quaker Meeting

Everyone is welcome in a Quaker meeting.

  • We worship informally.  There is no need to dress-up.
  • You will be given a friendly welcome at the door and shown what to do.
  • You are welcome to sit anywhere.
  • The Quakers who are already there will be sitting in silence.
  • There is no priest or minister leading a pre-set order of service.
  •  We gather in silent waiting, in the spirit, and anyone who feels moved to speak and share thoughts and insights with those present can do so.
  • The meeting ends after an hour when one of the members with close the meeting with thanks.
  • After some brief announcements we will have refreshments and you are welcome to stay and chat.    

More about Quaker worship

Although Quakers and their meetings for worship take inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and therefore they are rooted in Christianity, this form of worship is very different from a traditional church service.

Quaker worship is based around silence but anyone present may feel moved to speak.

This is called giving ministry and again this is a unique aspect of a Quaker Meeting.  Everyone attending the meeting is in effect their own priest or minister; ministering and tending to each other. The phrase the "Priesthood of All Believers" has been used to describe Quakers.

Ministry, whilst generally spoken spontaneously, can include readings from other texts, or some people have sung their contribution at times.  


It is usually the expression of an experience the person has had and wishes to share.  

They may read from the Bible, share a reading from our book of discipline called Quaker Faith and Practice, our small book of spiritual guidance called Advices and Queries or other sources they may choose.

Someone may ask the meeting to be mindful of a particular situation.This may be illness or some kind of other distressing situation.

When this mindfulness is asked for, from the meeting as a whole, it is often referred to as holding someone in the light. Many have experienced the benefit of this aspect of our faith.

All this takes place inside a simple meeting room and within an enduring and moving spiritual silence.